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Theresa and Melissa


My name is Theresa. When I met Lisa Currier I was a domestic violence survivor at the end of my road. I was traumatized, left homeless on the streets and physically impaired. I had been completely alienated from family and friends and worst of all no one believed me, the abuse was that outrageous. At that very low in my life, my very bottom, 

Lisa did believe me, or more importantly at the time, believed that I believed what I was telling her was true. She was the only one that had that level of faith in me to realize that I as a human being and was worthy of her, and anyone else's, faith. My truth as I perceived it, was truth enough to be respected and valued because it was mine. As time passed she encouraged me to participate in the activities of the house (a non-profit house for the homeless community with mental health disorders) that she managed. She took us shopping, she was available to us anytime day or night if we had any type of problem or just needed to talk and took us to any appointment necessary for our well being. 

Because of Lisa's encouragement she attended my graduation from Butte college and was kind enough to help me move into my own place. I've had no one, other than myself, and still do. It will take time to build new and healthy  relationships because of the domestic violence but the one person support system I have had since the day I met her is Lisa Currier. Her support in every way be it shopping, talking, taking me to doctors appointments, being there because I missed the last bus at night gave me the confidence I needed.

 I know now that i am worthy. Lisa did not only do this for me but for all of us in our house, in our own individual ways. I questioned myself recently and came to Lisa, after I left the house she once managed. I asked what should I do? She said, be proud of yourself, I am. I am blessed to have Lisa in my life and many, many others feel the same way. She was, and will always be, our torch in the dark.


 Hello  my name is Rachelle I met Lisa Currier about four to six years I met  this women or id like say my angel,  when i was homeless and started  staying at Safe Space  I remember I showed up scared and alone and I was  struggling with addiction and mental illness and also was pregnant I  recall when Lisa came up to me and introduced herself to me . I swear if  she was a dude it would have been love and first sight . We had a  connection. I'm telling you this women is amazing I don't what I would do  without her in my life 

She use to bring me socks every nite I mean the  nice cozy fuzzy ones and the toe socks different kinds every nite . I  know it seems small to you but it made a huge difference and impact on  my life . She a big reason why I got my life together since then I mean,  my life is not perfect and since then i went to rehab and relapsed and  got clean got custody of my daughter after four years of her not being  in my life I was a single mom for awhile and Lisa has always been there  for me no matter what  when I'm struggling and doing good. 

This women  has gone out of her way to come visit me in the crises center and taken  me to court and sat there all day with me cheering me on I feel honored  to have her in my life . There needs to be more people like her in this  world She has even stayed on the phone with simple calming me down  never turned me down and when she couldn't she felt bad. I'm proud to  call this women my guardian angel and thanks for everything Lisa even  the kind words that have gotten me through I love you!!! I cant wait till you  get to see my daughter soon .


 Lisa  Currier has a way with people that enables her to carry out her passion  which, I believe is helping people. She is a true believer in human  kindness that shows in her empathy with all types of people. I would  like to share my story and how Lisa has helped my daughter. But first  some background info.  

My daughter was adopted at about one year old. Her birth mom drank  while pregnant which caused my daughter to have mental health issues. At  age 6 she started medication for ADHD which helped while in a  structured classroom, but at recess she had difficulties getting along  with other kids. At age 12 she developed a hair pulling disorder as well  as a mood disorder. She was given more meds causing her to gain weight.  She started wandering off and met street kids and they told her she  could live on her own. After living in a group home in Paradise for 18  months she came home but met more issues with following rules as well as  struggling with depression. She had self destructive behavior and  attempts at suicide. Just before her 18th birthday she agreed to go to a  facility in Colorado where she did well, achieving her high school  diploma but when she came back home, she made the choice to quit taking  meds and became homeless again. Living with a boyfriend, there was a  fight and she was arrested for domestic violence.    

At one time I had given my daughter Lisa's card and told her this lady  helps people like her and her friends, especially when police are  called. So she called Lisa and told her of the charges she was facing.  She told her that the Judge gave her an order not to go back to the home  where the arrest took place. Lisa went with her to court and told the  judge that this caused her to be homeless again.  

That was the beginning of their relationship, which Lisa is so good at  creating with all people. Since then Lisa has helped my daughter by  taking her to the County office and helping her get the services she  needs to qualify for a program that helps kids get off the streets. My  daughter, now 23 has starting taking meds again, going to her  appointments with counselors at Behavioral Health and has applied for  housing a grant.  

Sometimes parents are not able to help their kids because there are too  many emotions and past issues that get in the way. Lisa helped me by  being that person who goes out and connects with people. She made a  connection with my daughter and I am so very grateful. 

Chico State Professor Lindsey

 Lisa & Crisis Care Advocacy & Triage are assets to our community. The work they do to support our mentally ill and unhoused population is vital in getting people into services and helping them to stabilize so that recovery and wellness are reachable goals. 

Lisa has been a phenomenal advocate in our community and people know and trust her opinion when working in Butte County. 

As a professor of health, Lisa has presented in my class many times over the years talking about the issues of houselessness, substance use, mental illness and the criminal justice system. 

My students consistently rate her as one of their favorite and most impactful guest speakers. She is personable and real, and has the heart of a lion. Her work is hugely valuable in our community. 

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