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About Us

2 Year Accomplishments

 400+ over the course of 2 years. With more individuals on the street with the activities listed below we can expect our reach to more than triple county wide. 

Getting people into services and housing is the main priority. With many it takes time, relationship building and continually showing up. Once we bridge that gap we continue along their path. 

We are entrenched in the efforts for a positive outcome. We have helped parents through advocacy and continued care to reunite with families and children.  

Bridging Gaps

 We take them to Behavioral health in Chico and Oroville, Attend Court dates and ensure they meet the needs of the court and probation/parole. We set them up with sheltering and have reduced the calls to the Safe Space winter shelter for mental health calls from over 15 two years ago to zero the past couple years.  


If you need to speak to someone, help with your loved one, please give us a call. 510.396.5109